Compression technique

Ejaculation normally takes about 3 to 5 minutes time of the act. If that can not withstand this minimum of time, only then we can talk about premature ejaculation. What techniques can help in this case ..
Compression technique of Masters and Johnson
Before dostigtigane a climax with thumb and forefinger grasp the glans penis for 10-15 seconds. To correctly perform this technique it is necessary to deriving or obtained the right time before ejaculation.
The technique "stop - start"
It includes stimulation of the penis for a period of time, and then terminated. It should break from 30-60 seconds, and the renewal of stimulation. This cycle should be repeated 5-6 times before to reach ejaculation.

Normal masturbation is also among the proven methods to combat premature ejaculation. It helps to explore and also reduces hypersensitivity his touch.
Premature ejaculation can be controlled. The point here is to seek a solution. According to experts in the majority of people are sexual disorders due to emotional experience or character traits.
However, it is advisable to seek the opinion of a specialist if the problem can not be contained or loaded too.


Experts say that the skin could improve its appearance with age - as long as you understand how it works and is refundable. The actions are simple - protect and rejuvenate.
According to dermatologists sun is the biggest enemy of skin. They recommend a sunscreen is applied and when it's cloudy outside, even when we are indoors. We fully protected from them when we are in a cave or in a room that has no windows.